About Assembly Bill 1720


To meet our state’s world-leading climate goals, we need to take real, meaningful action now to develop new long duration energy storage. Assembly Bill 1720 (Carrillo) will advance a diverse mix of new long duration storage technologies to build a cleaner, more reliable energy grid and create thousands of good-paying jobs to boost our economic recovery.

Long Duration Energy Storage for a Clean, Reliable Grid

  • Renewable energy resources, like wind and solar, are intermittent by nature, requiring firm power to meet demand. As California moves rapidly toward a 100 percent clean energy grid, we need solutions in place to store and dispatch large amounts of renewable energy to maintain reliability and provide electricity when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.
  • The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has identified an urgent need for an additional 1,000-1,600 megawatts of long duration energy storage to reliably achieve our clean air goals.
  • AB 1720 provides an achievable roadmap for integrating long duration storage into the state’s planning and policies, and to bring to market the necessary long duration storage resources, including seasonal and multi-day solutions.
  • Specifically, the legislation provides a path forward for procuring the CPUC’s recommended storage by 2026, while also spurring innovation in a burgeoning industry. It creates a pathway to construct the clean energy infrastructure the state has found to be needed in a time we need to create jobs.
  • If the CPUC process does not produce the amount of long duration energy storage the state needs by February 1, 2021, AB 1720 provides that the Department of Water Resources (DWR) will step in to ensure projects get built. This approach is a safety net to ensure we maintain reliability and that California can meet its climate goals.
  • DWR has expertise and experience in energy and large infrastructure management and procurement. It was the agency that purchased power on behalf of utilities during the state’s energy crisis and currently manages bonds for the state’s wildfire fund.


Long Duration Energy Storage for Jobs and Our Economy

  • Clean energy infrastructure projects will put people to work and immediately create economic opportunity through both direct employment as well as indirect supplier and other support jobs.
  • Long duration energy storage projects can support thousands of jobs in regions where already high unemployment numbers have skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The ongoing construction and operation of long duration energy storage projects will provide hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues to state and local governments experiencing significant – and growing – budget shortfalls.