What They Are Saying

“The backwards economics of our inability to store clean energy should be a wakeup call for the need to invest in new storage solutions. It should not take the lights going off again for the state to do what is needed to achieve its own goals. Let’s get it right now.”

Jim McIntosh
Former Grid Operator, California Independent System Operator

“California’s law mandating 100 percent carbon-free electricity has a big hole in it. It fails to address energy storage. Batteries as well as other longer-duration energy storage solutions are absolutely essential for a reliable supply of electricity that relies largely on energy resources such as solar and wind, which are available only some of the time.”

S. David Freeman
Former General Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

“Academic research and practical experience show that energy storage is vital to integrating renewable power in ways that keep the electric grid reliable. Energy storage can also help ensure that renewable power is used both day and night, making it easier to move beyond fossil fuels and help California meet its ambitious climate goals.”

David G. Victor, PhD, et al.
Pumped Energy Storage: Vital to California’s Renewable Energy Future

“Energy storage technology is the silver bullet that helps resolve variability in power demand. Combining wind and solar with storage provides the greatest benefit to grid operations and has the potential to achieve the greatest economic value. Long-duration bulk energy storage solutions like pumped hydro storage help ensure solar, wind and other variable renewable energy resources are available when needed to meet demand. This will help keep the grid reliable for consumers and help states like California meet ambitious clean energy goals.”

Terry Boston
Former president and CEO, PJM Interconnection

“As California seeks to expand solar and wind power, storage of that energy for use at any time, day or night, becomes critical. Energy storage performs key functions: it can even out the supply of electricity, ensure the stability and quality of electricity, and also help decrease reliance on power plants called “peakers” – often the dirtiest and most expensive – that exist solely to meet peak energy demand during the hottest hours of the hottest days.”

Ethan Elkind
Director, Climate Program, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment at UC Berkeley
The Power of Energy Storage

“Energy experts see such hydroelectric and other large-scale energy storage facilities as an important factor in helping California meet its climate goals.”

Collin Doughty, Linda Kelly and John Mathias
California Energy Commission: Bulk Energy Storage in California, July 2016

“Energy storage should be an urgent national priority. Wide-scale adoption of energy storage technologies can increase the flexibility of our electric grid, fundamentally transforming the way we produce and use clean electricity. Energy storage can help reduce consumer’s bills, reduce power outages for critical infrastructure, and, when partnered with clean energy sources, can reduce carbon emissions. Strategic deployment of energy storage can also replace fossil fuel generation that disproportionately affects the health of low-income communities and communities of color.”

Rob Cowin
Director of Government Affairs for the Climate and Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists